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A 7 year old kid won 2nd place in the largest Halo 2 tournament ever (550 Players). His uncle took first place. I would love to see this kid play.

For those of you who are more familiar with Japenese food than I:
I am looking to purchase some wasabi. Is there any particular type or brand that I should look for, or is it all pretty much the same?
What about pickled ginger?

Heart Attack Grill with a few friends and King Kong at the Cine Capri. Good stuff.

I got my horse!!!

Normally, this isn't terribly remarkable, but the fact that I play a Night Elf adds a bit of gravity to the accomplishment.

I finished gathering and turning in the runecloth I needed to become exalted with Stormwind a few days ago. I think I spent 400-500 gold on cloth total. Last night, my roommate sold yet another epic item, putting him at 1200+ gold, so he gave me a loan so I wouldn't have to pull my hair out in anticipation. I'll be paying him back with Essence of Water for a while, because I can transmute 1 per day and he needs a bunch. When all is said and done, he should be paid back within a month or so.

Pictures to come. :)

Many thanks to warpedwitch for the amazon gift certificate. I shall buy something super spiffy with it. Or perhaps I will use it to buy another gift for Child's Play.

Also, thanks again to the Con HQ crew for a wonderful party. It was a blast as always, and I'm sorry I wasn't there for more of it. I was starting to forget how much I enjoy all you THEM people. I'll be making an effort to attend more get-togethers in the near future.

Sitting alone in a burger joint on a friday night...
Isn't life great? :-\

Cordless Payphone?

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I completed the Triple Bypass Challenge at The Heart Attack Grill yesterday.

If you have the chance, check it out. It's a really neat place. Good food and a very friendly staff.

Dane Cook is hosting SNL tonight.
Yes, SNL sucks now, but Dane Cook is the man.

The judging is complete for this year's Halloween photo scavenger hunt. Our team got 3rd place and I got the 2nd highest individual score. The judges picked out several of their favorite pictures from the contest, and several of mine were chosed. There's a lot of good stuff there. Check it out if you have a chance:

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